About My Notebook

This notebook is meant to serve as a "Digital Garden" (or Digital Notebook, as I prefer to call it). By that I mean the content here are more my notes and thoughts, rather than always being structured as complete tutorials or teaching material – although I will also be posting in that format as well!

Instead of getting hung up on producing perfectly curated articles, I can just jot things down and circle back to them later, if necessary.

Joel Hooks put it nicely in his post on Digital Gardens:

"It is a blog, sure, but it is also a wiki. It's a spot where I can post ideas, snippets, resources, thoughts, collections, and other bits and pieces that I find interesting and useful. Instead of always being a "performance" level of blogging, it can be a looser more human endeavor that drops the idea of robots sorting the content (in this case simply by date created) and embraces the idea of curation, by me, for you."

Under The Hood

This site was built as a SSG (static site generator) with GatsbyJS and hosted on Netlify.

The posts are created in Markdown (MDX).


I've styled this site to use the colors from the Dracula color scheme. I'm using that scheme in just about all of my apps (VS Code, Vim, iTerm 2, Bear, MacDown, etc.) and I love it!


This site uses Muli for the body font and Ovo for the headings. I'm importing them as local packages via Typefaces.js.

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