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TIL: GitHub Emojis


I knew GitHub supported emojis - I often use them in PR messages, comments, etc. What I didn't know is that you can also add emojis in your commit messages...

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JavaScript Template Literals


Up until now, we only had two ways to write a string in JavaScript - single and double quotes. If we wanted to interpolate a variable with one of these string options, we'd need to break out of the string and concatenate the variable.

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Vim Text Completion


I’ve been looking for a good autocomplete plugin for Vim for a while. It seems like the most popular option by far is YouCompleteMe (which I have been using for a while now). While I think YouCompleteMe is a good plugin, I also feel like it’s a bit heavy and seems to need a lot to setup and maintain. I always seem to have issues with the server going down.

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Intro to the Web Storage API


There are instances where storing data in a users browser can be really helpful. Up until somewhat recently, saving the state of the application locally in the browser via Cookies was the main way to achieve this. Cookies have limitations, however. For example, their max size (4093 bytes) and the fact that they have to me transmitted with every request.

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Using CSS Custom Properties


CSS Custom Properties, also commonly referred to as CSS Variables, is a specification that allows you to declare a property and use it later on in your stylesheet. This works similar to how you would declare a variable with a preprocessor.

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Ubuntu MATE on Raspberry Pi


I’ve been wanting to try out a Linux desktop for a while now. Mainly out of curiosity – I like to try new devices, operating systems, etc. I didn’t really want to invest in a computer just to *try* out a new OS, however. I had a couple older MacBooks lying around but I also had a Raspberry Pi 3 that I hadn’t quite decided what to do with.

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React.js Resources


Recently I’ve been digging into React.js. Some my awesome co-workers are experimenting and utilizing the library in some pretty cool ways, so it really sparked my interest. As a result, I’ve collected a little list of bookmarks that I thought was worth sharing.

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Yoda Conditional Statements


Here’s a little gem on conditional statements that I saw for the first time in the WordPress Coding Standards a few months ago. When writing out a conditional logic, it is recommended to place the variable on the right side of the comparison operator and the constants or literals on the left.

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Moving Local Files with Rsync


I am very obsessive about backing up my data. To preserve space on my MacBook Air’s drive, I store most of media files on a WD Passport external drive. Additionally I back that media up on a second (and oftentimes a third) desktop external drive. Sure, this is a little OCD but it’d be quite a shame to lose all of my files, should my first Passport drive fail me.

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Virtual Terminal Sessions with Screen


Not so long ago, a co-worker and friend of mine introduced me to the UNIX application, screen. While I was really excited to learn of something so useful, I was also deeply saddened in realizing that it was right under my nose all this freaking time. In this short post, I’m going to show you how you can take advantage of this clever little utility.

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Getting Started with Grunt.js


For quite some time, I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about Grunt.js: What it does for automating tasks in the development process; how it is so configurable; the fact that it is open source and driven by such a great community of developers; and how much easier it is to configure compared to other build scripts, such as Ant.

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Disable the Character Picker in OS X


OS X 10.7 (Lion) introduced a feature called the Character Picker. This allows you to press-and-hold a key on your keyboard, activating a little popup with the different character options associated with that key. This can be a useful feature for some, as it allows you to visually see all of those additional character options and not have to know how to otherwise activate each of them.

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JavaScript and Media Queries


When developing a responsively designed web site, it is likely that you will come across a situation where you will want to selectively execute a JavaScript callback based on a media query comparison. For example, you may want to alter your menu layout for small-screen devices.

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Adding Spaces To Your OS X Dock


Adding spaces in your Dock on OS X is a nice feature that allows you to bring a little bit of visual organization to your icons. It is really easy to accomplish in just a couple short steps. First, you will want to locate your Terminal application.

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Secure Copy Syntax Examples


Secure Copy (SCP) is a means of securely transferring files between hosts on a network. It is based on the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol. The command line scp program, which is provided in most SSH implementations, is the secure analog of the rcp command.

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Super Fast Find and Replace with Sed


Sed is a UNIX stream editor that can be used to filter text files. This can be extremely useful if you have to run a Find and Replace on a string of text across a large file. I find this to be much more efficient than using a Find and Replace feature in a text editor.

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Viewing Apache Logs with Tail and Grep


As a developer, there may be times when you need to monitor what is happening on an Apache server as live HTTP requests are coming in from a web page. In a UNIX environment, you can actually accomplish this quite painlessly through the command line, using the tail and grep commands.

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WordPress Post Revisions


As of version 2.6, WordPress introduced a feature which autosaves your posts as revisions while you are editing them in the dashboard. While this functionality can be very useful, it can also be a bit of an annoyance. If a single post ends up going through multiple edits or simply takes a while to get finished, those revisions can add up.

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Must-Have Mac Apps


Recently a few of my friends have made the switch from using a PC to a Mac for their primary workstation. One of the first things people want to know when making that switch is what applications are available that would help them achieve the most optimal user experience on their new operating system.

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